Medical Physics Consulting
to the Radiation Oncology Community

Here's How

Keeping Up-to-Date

Create the opportunity to put progress into use
do not just store new knowledge, use it.

We continually adapt to the dynamic nature of the Radiation Oncology, thanks to common sense and practical approach founded on a strong theoretical framework.


Turn potential into performance

Solid know-how in the field combined
with a constant interest for novelties and research.

Because each situation is different, we tailor the process for your specific needs, to act effectively and ensure that the objectives are achieved with the highest quality level.


It is also about doing, doing what is right

In-depth planning, testing and analysis that will empower you
to make the right treatment decision.

To have everyone in sync, we keep communication lines always open sharing  improvements in real time. 

RKey People

Prompt, Competent and Solution Oriented

We are committed to creating 

the Change that Matters

We go beyond the technology boosting

 to help people get the skills and capabilities they need

 to face the change and rise to the top over long periods.

RadiQA Services Team Facts

5+ years

experience in medical physics consulting services

5+ countries

served worldwide

20+ customers


10+ years

experience in RT advanced training

85% customers

supported for over 18 months or more than 1 service